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    buat renungan .

    pagi ni mood aku baik . (xlah tension lagi psl folio utk hari ni ) huhuhu. so lepas solat subuh aku tolong mak kat dapur, buat sup feveret abah . lepas tu aku msuk bilik , bukak laptop, view profile org . aku jmpe satu mutiara kata ni . nak tau?

    I want to open my hijab,
    and show the world,
    that I too,
    am beautiful in the people's definition.

    deep down here,
    in my little heart,
    I know that beauty is by definition,
    a mystery.
    and it is forever more rewarding,
    to be beautiful in God's eyes.

    I want to wear ruffled dresses and tight jeans,
    show off what I really look like,
    under those baggy shirts and loosely fitted pants,
    make a statement,
    that I too,
    have a figure and worth looking at.

    I know better,
    to avoid entering the world of men's imagination,
    for I love my future husband,
    and I am ashamed,
    what should be his, has already been unveiled by others.

    I want to show the world,
    the other side of me,
    the bubblier, bolder, and crazier me.
    put myself on display,
    for everyone to see,
    to be desired, and admired upon.

    I know that eyes are not just eyes,
    seeing is not just seeing,
    image and respect are gained,
    shame and humility deserve a better place,

    Because in the end,
    it is not just about me,
    I carry a lot of impressions and expectations,
    of what a Muslim girl should be,

    I am covered by the word "Islam" the moment I walk out of my door,
    So don't be selfish girl,

    Can't you put behind your heart's desire for something worth fighting for?

    Love is all it takes.

    hmmm, syahdu.. kan ? muhasabah sebentar di pagi hari~