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    After A Long Rest

    Salam Jumu'ah.

    I'm back after being rest for few days. Yess, I'm quite busy this holiday. After attended my uncle's wedding at Puchong, I'm doing my best for preparing all my stuffs before going back to the hostel. Goshh, nest week I'll be a part of school. Again. So, this last year I'll promise to be a good senior, good friend, good student, good daughter, good muslim. InsyaAllah ^^

    So, four days ago was my birthday. Its quite awkward moment as I didnt celebrate it officially like always. But I still got some presents from a few people that still care about me. Kak long bought me a new straight cut jeans, Kak Afifah and my naughty uncle gave me a slice cake of Secret Recipe. Mak also bought me new brooches. What else? Ouhh, two days later kak long also bought chocolate indulgence from Secret Recipe. Okayy, please jealous with me. *evil laugh*

    My brother and I ate a lot *admit*

    Actually, I would like to wish a very happy birthday to Kak long as today is her 34th birthday. Ouh my dear, you are still look younger. Please trust me! :D May Allah bless us in everything we do. I'm not a good sister, but you are the best. Thank you for being a very good sister and friend to me. So like others, thank you for your wish either at my phone, facebook or anything else. THANK YOU VERY MUCHH!

    So, right after my birthday, I asked my father to accompany me to Ipoh Parade; just want to buy some exercise book for form five. (on the night of Christmas) But suddenly, I attracted with a book and without thinking anything, I'm just paid for it and hoping that it will be the best birthday present for myself. 

    that cute pen Abg Fitri bought to me last year :)

    My friends, my family and I always repeat that, the older you are, the near you with death. Its trully true. As an unperfect slave, I'm always do mistakes either I know it or not. But next year, I'm deadly promise that I want to change for my own goodness. InsyaAllah. If we cant touch the sky, so let us fly with the birds. Allah Ar-Rahman Ar-Rahiim. He will never disappoint us. 

    From right : Me(why I'm look very cute? LOL), Kak Afifah, My naughty uncle, his friend

    Thank you again, love you until I die :)
    *see you in JANNAH, insyaAllah*

    Thank you for reading =)